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Cultivating her creativity for over 30 years, in Miami's ever growing melting pot of Fashion, Food, Art, Music and Design. Ela's approach radiates an easy going island living lifestyle. A Floating in Paradise vibe. 

Surrounded by the world of travel, Ela's inspirations Food, Flora and Cultures. Her style can be describe as a delicate balance of the romanticism of Art Nouveau, Deco, Animated spirit of Kawaii culture, Muralism and Graffiti.


Attending Design and Architecture Sr.High, later graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design from New World School of the Arts. Ela attended dance classes on Lincoln Rd. with the Miami City Ballet, in her primary age and began modeling in the tropics.


Growing up at the Marilyn, surrounded by many artists, neighbors nurtured her interest. Visiting the Art Center's studios, Ela was able to create jewelry as part of their workshop and camp programs. 


As a child Ela was able to acquire her first painting encouraging her to continue collecting later adding luxury accessories along the way, inspiring her dream to create her own original apparel, merging art and design. In 2012 Ela collaborated on various projects as a member of Yuhmi Collective, a husband and wife Contemporary Art and Muralist duo. Over the years they have worked on creating, private, commercial, and public art related projects as well as workshops with schools throughout the community.


Ela continues to create and design, and can mostly find her tattooing on the island these days.






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